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Ameduri Air stands behind maintaining American national mechanical standards and codes. We proudly service hospitals, aerospace clean rooms, biochemic labs, and greenhouse environments. We can reach the deep cosmos in the universe of thermal dynamics and to infinity of HVAC needs and beyond!

Do you have an environment that requires a critical climate?

Ameduri Air Inc. has compounded the most reliable industrial grade climate sensors in the HVAC industry. We understand the importance of keeping a clean room cleaner, greenhouse greener, and office spaces healthier.

Carbon Dioxide. Carbon dioxide is a normal constituent of exhaled breath and can be used as a screening technique to evaluate whether adequate quantities of fresh air are being introduced into an occupied space. Carbon dioxide concentrations are normally higher indoors than the generally constant ambient (outdoor) CO2 concentration which typically ranges from 300 to 350 ppm. When indoor CO2 concentrations exceed 1000 ppm in areas where the only known source is exhaled breath, inadequate ventilation is suspected, and widespread complaints can be anticipated. Carbon dioxide concentrations at this level do not present a health hazard but suggest that other indoor contaminants may also be elevated. In combination, these may contribute to health complaints such as headache, fatigue, and eye/throat irritation. Assuming that there are no significant uncontrolled emission sources in the building, along with outside air being brought in by good quality HVAC systems, and that temperature and relative humidity are at comfortable levels, then complaints related to Indoor Air Quality should be minimal if interior CO2 concentrations are maintained below 600 ppm.

Store & Data Log Critical Climate History

Maintain conditions

Early warning signs of equipment failure or subpar climate conditions are difficult to detect. This challenge is compounded when the many demands on your time prevent constant checking in on vulnerable equipment and critical environmental conditions.
What makes a clean environment?
What controls a clean environment?
What allows an environment to tell you when it’s not clean?
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